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  • Dog and cat brushes can make your pet coat smoother, shiny and cleaner. Remove loose fur and dirt from the deep layers of the top layer
  • Ergonomically designed for durability, suitable for your dog and cat skin
  • Conducive to your family, pets and your health and wellness. It reduces the pressure on your pet's loose hair, increases the adhesion between you and your pet, keeps you and your family safe and healthy, and avoids hair allergies.
  • It can remove dirt, dirt, dander and loose hair from cats and dogs. Make sure your pets are more flexible and more effective in grooming and massage.
  • Buy a spare item - one for a loved one and one for a friend. Suitable for dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes. Suitable for small, medium and large dogs with short, medium and long hair
›See more product details Product Category: Comb brush Size: Rubber Efficacy: Mei Mao/Hair protection Size: Length 20cm, needle face 8cm★ Pet brush is an indispensable tool for pet hair hygiene and care★Beautiful and daily massage helps to cleanse the skin, accelerate blood circulation, make the skin natural light, improve immunity★ For the health of your pet - Pet brushes can help promote healthy circulation and bring shine to your pet's coat.★Suitable for all types of pets and long and short fur. Remove excess hair and untie the nodes with a comfortable feel.★ Ergonomic handle and non-slip handle - Prevents injuries to your hands and wrists no matter how long you use the brush.Instructions:1. Combing your pet's skin and hair every morning and evening, whenever you need to comb for 5 minutes.2. Along the direction of fur growth, brush the animal's skin from the neck to the shoulders, then the chest, waist, abdomen, abdomen, hind legs, and then the head, legs and tail.176. Gently move the brush in the direction of hair growth. Especially for some long hair animals

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